A SUSPECTED bogus caller wearing a Scottish Power jacket was knocking on doors in an area of Dumbarton on Tuesday.

The man attended doors in Station Road, Renton, claiming he was in the area to install smart meters.

However, police say Scottish Power have confirmed to them they wouldn't be cold-calling at addresses without producing identification or having a pre-planned appointment and have warned the public to be vigilant.

In a post on social media, Police Scotland Argyll & West Dunbartonshire said: “We would ask you to be vigilant of possible bogus callers who will often cold call and try and talk their way into your home. 

“Please pass this message on to those most vulnerable, including elderly neighbours and family members.

“Always ask for identification and even take a photo of this on a mobile phone. Genuine callers will not mind you doing this.”

The police added that if someone makes you feel threatened or intimidated or if you believe they are a bogus caller, call 999.

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