The detective in charge of the reinvestigation into the murder of Caroline Glachan believes justice has finally been served following today’s guilty verdict for her killers.

Detective Inspector Stuart Grainger took over the investigation into the decades-old mystery in June 2019 and went back to basics to take more than 200 statements from people who had not previously provided a statement to the force.

From this, officers built up a picture of evidence which discredited the alibi of Robbie O’Brien, Andrew Kelly and Donna Brand who were convicted of violently attacking and murdering 14-year-old Caroline at the River Leven in August 1996.

And DI Grainger hopes the “dark cloud” which has hung over Caroline’s Bonhill community since that fateful night can now be lifted with the three murderers’ now behind bars.

He said after the verdict: “At the heart of this is a mother, a father, extended family and friends who have had to endure years of not knowing who killed Caroline.

"Their lives changed forever the day Caroline was murdered, they were robbed of having a future with her, watching her grow from a young girl to a young woman. Her future was robbed the night she met Robbie, Donna and Andrew.

“For years this community has lived under a dark cloud, wondering if Caroline's killers walked among them.

“Nothing will bring Caroline back or lessen the heartache, her family and friends live with, but I hope that seeing those responsible paying for their crime offers them some level of comfort."

“Officers who re-investigated this case, had no forensics or technology to rely on or assist them from the time of the murder.

“It was down to traditional policing techniques, to the dedication of officers working diligently to build that picture of evidence and fully understand the events of that fateful night.

“That evidence resulted in the case being presented in a court of law.

“For Caroline’s family, friends, and the community of Bonhill justice has been served today.”