A MAN who repeatedly called the fire service to his home in Alexandria with false alarms has been jailed for three years.

Allan Scott previously pleaded guilty to making the hoax calls to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and then to wilfully setting fire to a carpet in his home.

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court on December 18, Sheriff Euan Cameron sentenced Scott to three years in prison plus 12 months supervised release when he is eventually let out.

The court had heard the 44-year-old made three 999 calls over 45 minutes between 11.30pm on January 25, 2023 and 12.15am on the 26th.

Each call brought firefighters to his flat at Gaitskell Avenue, Alexandria.

And each time they found it was a hoax. A few days later, there was another 999 call, on February 3, this time from a phone box in Argyll Street, a few hundred metres from Scott's home.

There was another call a little over an hour later from a mobile number. He had stopped someone in the street and claimed his cousin had collapsed and there was a fire.

At 4.50am on February 4, the fire service attended and this time saw there was a fire. Scott refused entry and firefighters had to force their way in to extinguish the carpet he had torched.

They reported a strong smell of accelerant.

Scott pleaded guilty in November to giving false alarms and causing the fire service to attend on January 25 and 26.

He admitted the same charge for February 3 and 4, and to culpably and recklessly setting fire to a carpet where it took effect and destroyed it on February 4. He was on bail at the time.