RESIDENTS were left puzzled after a much-loved statue appeared to have flown the nest earlier this week.

As scaffolding was removed from the Smollett Fountain in Alexandria eagle-eyed locals noticed something was missing.

The heron statue that normally sits atop the historic memorial fountain had seemingly disappeared.

Taking to social media to voice their concerns one person said: "Scaffolding is coming down from the fountain but no bird on top, what's going on?" 

We can now reveal that the heron will return to its perch next month.

A West Dunbartonshire Council spokesperson told the Reporter that the statue is currently undergoing renovation work but will be reinstalled by the end of February.

A statement reads: “The heron remains in the workshop under renovation and will be reinstalled in due course.

“The scaffolding was taken down to allow for renovation works to the low-level stonework.”