West Dunbartonshire Council have awarded a near £5 million contract to a new company to handle the area’s bulk waste disposal.

Local authority bosses will pay £4.95 million to J & M Murdoch & Son Limited to manage the collection, haulage, processing, treatment and disposal of bulky waste.

The contract, which was approved on December 15 and commenced on January 1 - will be over an initial two years with the option of a one-year extension at a total cost of £7.4m.

It is understood the awarding of a contract such as this is a legal requirement the council must adhere to.

According to a report prepared for this week’s IRED (Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development) meeting, J & M Murdoch & Son Limited, of Neilston in East Renfrewshire, won the new contract after four tender submissions were evaluated by representatives from Waste Services, Corporate Procurement Unit against pre-determined award criteria.

It states that J & M provided “the most economically advantageous tender.”

As part of the partnership, J & M has committed to paying all staff a real living wage of £10.90 and to promote fair working practices across their organisation.

The new agreement, the report reads, will also allow the council to continue to deliver two of its “strategic priorities”, such as keeping the community “resilient and thriving” and promoting a greener future.