A LOCAL MSP has thrown her support behind a pledge to deliver a fairer deal for home care workers.

Labour has committed to deliver a boost to the pay packets of carers.

Many sectors are eligible to be paid travel time, however, not all workers have seen this reflected in their pay packets.

Instead, they are only paid for the time they spend in someone’s home.

But Labour has issued assurances that it will help deliver a boost to hard-working home carers, as part of the party’s promised reforms to ‘Make Work Pay’ for working people.


It is estimated that the move will support some 48,331 adult social care workers in Scotland who carry out home care visits.

Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton, said: "Social care workers, including home carers, are amongst the most vital workers in our society.

"Sadly, their worth is often not reflected in the pay they receive.

“The pandemic brought it home to many how hard-working social care workers are and how much they do for those they care for.

"They deserve a fair deal and the SNP government have failed to deliver on their pledge to recognise the efforts of the sector by delivering a National Care Service and increasing pay.

“Many of my constituents are employed in the social care sector and I know how hard they work.

“I am delighted that Labour will do their best to make sure that work is recognised where it matters.”

Labour has pledged to work with its newly-created Single Enforcement Body and HM Revenue and Customs to ensure that National Minimum Wage regulations on travel time are enforced.