A Dumbarton man who threatened to kill his own unborn child has been banned from any contact from them for 10 years.

Jordan Campbell, 27, drove his former partner to wallpaper over the holes he punched in the walls to hide his rage.

She repeatedly bought an identical coffee table after he broke it to mask what he was doing.

He later claimed he wasn't sure why he didn't report himself to the police - and when she did so, he claimed the death threats to her child were a "joke".

Campbell and the woman were in a relationship from 2016 and she moved into his place in Dumbarton in 2017.

There were financial strains at the time that caused regular arguments, said the fiscal depute.

On one occasion, there was a fight about whether she should quit her full-time job.

The woman was upset and went into the bathroom. Campbell shouted asking what she was doing and if she was harming herself.

She came out and showed her arms and legs to prove it wasn't the case.

He then went to the kitchen and returned with a large knife. He began waving it in her face, at one point about 18 inches from her face.

Campbell then stabbed it into the wall.

On a separate occasion, he believed "she was getting on at him" and flipped the coffee table, causing it to hit her arm, causing some bruising.

He made threats to harm the dogs, which were "often nervous around him", the court heard.

With him getting "angry regularly", the partner would stay out of the way until he calmed down.

"There were often holes in the walls and doors," said the prosecutor. "She would have to hide holes with wallpaper."

The woman provided a printed picture of herself in a state of undress and he kept hold of it.

He would often call her "slut" and "whore".

After the relationship ended around June 2018, Campbell continued to message her.

Later that year, when the woman was pregnant, her ex continued to make threats towards the unborn child.

He said he would "hot box" them - a form of torture in an overheated room.

And Campbell said he would push his ex down the stairs and there were threats to kill the child if ever left alone with him.

He later sent a Facebook message with her picture having ejaculated on it. This caused distress, the court was told.

By April 2021, there were conversations on WhatsApp and the woman said that "after all the abuse", "why didn't you" go to the police to confess?

He replied: "I didn't quite know what I would say."

On May 3 that year, she contacted police.

When officers cautioned and charged him, he said in reply to the allegation of threatening to kill the child: "I can only say it was a joke."

To the other charges, he replied: "All I can do is apologise."

First offender Campbell, of Cronin Street, later pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner between March 1, 2017 and April 1, 2019. He damaged furniture, threatened to harm pet dogs and uttered threats and abusive remarks towards his ex.

Between June 1 and December 31, 2018, he assaulted the woman and struck her on the body with a table.

And between April 1, 2019, and July 20, 2021, he brandished a knife, verbally threatened her and her unborn baby, shouted and swore at her, sent her an indecent image and caused damage to the floor, doors and walls.

The offences were all aggravated by being against a partner or ex.

Appearing for sentencing on February 27, Dumbarton Sheriff Court was told the charges were originally filed at a more serious solemn level, but later reduced.

"He spoke very openly and accepted prolonged and significant wrongdoing," said defence solicitor Michael Sweeney.

He said a social work report recommended a community payback order (CPO) for his client to offer "intervention which he has considered necessary for several years".

The lawyer said there were mental health issues, adding: "He takes issue somewhat with the view of the [social work] report that he lacks empathy and responsibility. He has at each stage accepted responsibility."

Sheriff Frances McCartney said: "This is a very serious offence and I take a very serious view of it. There is an alternative to custody."

She imposed a CPO with social work supervision for two years, including taking part in the Caledonian Project.

Campbell must do 200 hours of unpaid work in the community within 12 months.

And there is a non-harassment order preventing any contact with his ex or her child for 10 years. He cannot approach their property.