A Dumbarton care home has been praised by West Dunbartonshire councillors for receiving positive feedback in its latest care inspection. 

Crosslet House on Argyll Avenue is designed to care for 70 patients who are elderly and was subject to inspection in the middle of December last year.

A full inspection previously took place in 2022 and deemed that all five areas – supporting people’s well-being, leadership, staff team, setting and planned care and support –  be graded as “very good” – level 5.

The latest inspection which analysed well-being and leadership determined that grades awarded remain the same. 

Inspectors determined that people were treated with dignity and respect, opinions and feedback were sought, care plans were personalised and there were many activities on and offsite.

During a most recent health and social care partnership – the work of Crosslet House was praised.

Depute council leader, Michelle McGinty, said: “I think it is really welcome to see our care home receive a score of five and a very good rating and the people who are in there are getting the level of care we would expect.

“It gives you a bit of reassurance that we are getting it right and with the lessons we are learning we can take that and support others and we will see those other care home grades go up as well.

“I feel like we should congratulate Crosslet Care Home as I don’t think they have had it easy over the last few years either – they were very much a target and it has been very difficult for them.

“For them to keep and maintain these grades goes a lot towards the staff and what they do in there, day in and day out.

“Can we write to congratulate them to say we see when people are doing really good work.”

Members agreed this was a lovely suggestion and will pass on the thanks and congratulations from the HSCP.