A man who was walking along a busy road unleashed a torrent of vile abuse at police sent to deal with him.

Bradley Bowden, of Craigton Avenue, Glasgow, was found on the A82 earlier this year before attacking officers.

The 24-year-old, who also spat at one officer, appeared from custody at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on April 9.

The court heard police were originally called to the area in relation to a report of a male walking along the A82.

They found Bowden sitting in the rear of an ambulance and was safe and well.

As officers started to speak to Bowden, he immediately began to resist by thrashing his body around.

Police had to take him to the prone position, and Bowden's behaviour continued en route to and at Clydebank police office.

He was verbally abusive to officers at the station, and kicked a fingerprint machine "with considerable force".

His derogatory comments to officers included calling them "f***ot", "beast", and "p**f", as well as making threats of violence.

He was put in a cell and later that night spat at an officer through the door hatch. It hit his hand, but he was wearing a latex glove.

Bowden pleaded guilty to resisting, obstructing or hindering two cops and repeatedly struggling with them at the A82 at Auchendennan, near Loch Lomond, and at Clydebank police office.

He also acted in an aggressive manner, shouted, swore and uttered offensive remarks and kicked police equipment. That was aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation.

And he admitted spitting on an officer on the body at the police station.

Bowden was on four separate bail orders at the time, from Glasgow Sheriff Court and Stranraer Sheriff Court.

His defence solicitor said this was the "first significant experience of custody" for his client, who has been remanded for 43 days.

He was detoxing from street valium the first two weeks, the lawyer said.

"This [social work] report is not great on first reading," he said. "He appreciates this is all his own doing.

"He would be willing to undertake unpaid work in the community at any level."

The lawyer added that the report "reads dreadfully" for his client.

"He is now clear and has a clear head," he said.

Sheriff James Spy said he was not prepared to use a community-based sentence when Bowden hadn't completed one in the past.

He jailed him for a total of six months, backdated to February 26.