The Chase's Paul Sinha has issued an update about his future on the show after being diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 49.

He revealed that he hopes to continue starring in The Chase and Beat the Chasers but said that if his condition worsens he would "call it".

The popular TV quiz star and doctor was diagnosed with the condition in 2019 and told fans that he remained determined to continue working.

The Chase's Paul Sinha issues health update after Parkinson's diagnosis

Speaking with the Daily Star, The Chase's Paul Sinha said: "I'm trying to prove to the world that Parkinson's doesn't have to be the end of somebody's story... that you can carry on doing the things you love. The important thing is to not let it define you."

The ITV star, who remains one of the top quiz stars on the show, added: "I take being on Beat The Chasers as a real point of pride because of the speed and reflexes required to be on the show.

"Whenever I buzz in and get anything right, it's a point of massive pride to me. I feel that I've shown in the past three or four years that you can do it whilst having Parkinson's. There's no limit to what you feel you're able to do.

"It's a good way of measuring its progression because my results haven't got worse since I got Parkinson's. It's a good way of measuring my brain's ability and function. I've always said that if I felt that the ability was going down, I'd call it myself, and I still stand by that. But it's definitely not going down, so that's fine."

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Previously, The Sinnerman shared his fears about the longevity of his comedy career, admitting: “I have no idea how long I’m going to be a stand-up for, because I get more tired with every passing year. I just want to go up and do a show that is fun.”

He told the RHLSTP podcast: “Without wishing to sound bleak, my time is running out. I don’t know to what degree my time is running out. It could be five years, it could be 10.

"I just want to go, ‘I’m enjoying myself.’ I think it’s important to end your career with no regrets.”