NEWLY-ELECTED Labour MP Douglas McAllister insists he will work "tirelessly" to represent the people of West Dunbartonshire at Westminster.

The result came as part of a landslide victory for Sir Keir Starmer's party which returned to government for the first time since 2010.

The count at Clydebank Leisure Centre, which required over 100 members of staff, finished at 2.55am when the declaration was made by Returning Officer Peter Hesset who announced that 39,584 votes were cast in the constituency - a turnout of 57.5 per cent

McAllister was elected with 19,312 out of 39,584 votes cast - a majority of 6,010.

Martin Docherty-Hughes, who had served as the parliamentary representative for the area since 2015, received 13,302 votes.

David Smith of Reform UK earned 2770 votes, Paula Baker of the Scottish Greens received 1496 votes, Maurice Corry of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party earned 1474 votes while Paul Donald Kennedy of the Scottish Liberal Democrats received 839 votes.

Scottish Family Party candidate Andrew Joseph Muir earned 318 votes and Kelly Wilson of Sovereignty received 73.

 The total number of rejected ballots was 123.

(Image: Douglas McAllister) Speaking after the result was confirmed, McAllister said: "I want to thank the returning officer and all of the staff at polling stations and at the count for running such an efficient election.

"I also want to thank the police for their presence and support.

“Thank you to the electorate for putting your trust in me. I will work tirelessly to represent the people of West Dunbartonshire at Westminster."

Meanwhile, Docherty-Hughes praised his campaign team, writing on social media: "[It has] been an absolute privilege to campaign with this crowd not only in this election but since 1992 for the liberty of our country and been the honour of my life to have been the MP for West Dunbartonshire for the last nine.

"I wish my successor every best wish for the future."

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Reform UK candidate Smith, who finished in third place, told the Post: "All the staff involved in this process have been incredibly professional.

"They have not just met my expectations, they have exceeded them and exceeded them again. 

"Whilst I do not agree with the SNP my heart goes out to Martin.

"It is not just Martin that lost tonight, but all his staff too. 

"I did well tonight.  I came third. Can I encourage everyone to be mindful of those who have lost?

"Reform will build upon our gains and I thank everyone who voted for me for their trust and support.

"We only have 96 weeks to the Scottish Parliamentary Elections where all the issues that impact greatest upon our daily life can be addressed.

"Please keep us in your minds and in your hearts for the next 96 weeks.

"If you do forget then please don’t worry, this is just the beginning. We will tap on your door to give you a wee reminder to vote Reform in the Scottish Parliamentary Election in 2026."

Scottish Family Party candidate Muir reiterated his concerns about the major parties.

"I scored three per cent as an Independent in Clydebank [council by-election] but only one per cent as a Family Party member here," he said.

"At the count, I spoke to the police but the Procurator Fiscal does not wish to speak to me about my legal issues.

"The major freedom of speech and quality of life issues remain in the area with a lack of dialogue between the parties, each in their own camp."

Wilson, who was representing Sovereignty, said: "Myself and everyone at Sovereignty would like say thank you to all our voters for their trust in us by giving us their vote. 

"We would also like give special thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work during this general election campaign. 

"We look forward to the Scottish Elections in 2026. In the meantime, the next two years will show if the main partieswill finally deliver on their election promises."