A FATHER and daughter team from Balloch completed a 5K to raise money for a great cause.

Ross Alcorn, 49, and his daughter Myah, 13, took part in the fundraiser in memory of grandfather Andy, who passed away last year.

The 72-year-old suffered with Lupus, a disease that attacks the immune system, and the family are keen to raise awareness of the condition.

"I wanted to do the run since it took place on Father’s Day weekend," Ross said.

"My daughter wanted to do it with me and I was delighted to have her take part.

"We set up a Justgiving page and my daughter began to collect sponsors.

"In the end, we raised over £1300 for Lupus UK, which was amazing."

It was the first time Myah had competed in an event like this and Ross feels that her grandfather would be delighted at the youngster completing the race.

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"I am massively proud of her, she did really well and her determination paid off," she continued. 

"The feedback has been really positive from friends and family.

"I was really close to my dad and so was my daughter. We all had a really great relationship with him and he would be so proud of Myah.

"It was a nice way to honour his memory. It was emotional when we both crossed the finish line but worth it in the end."

Ross also opened up on the effect the illness had on his dad and he insists that emotion drove both he and his daughter on to complete the race.

"I have previously been involved in fundraising for Lupus UK and it was amazing to do it with my daughter," he added. 

"We wanted to raise awareness of the illness and we witnessed first hand the effect it had on my father.

"If our donation helps at all towards finding a cure then that would be great."