RESIDENTS are being urged to be on their guard against scams as this year's Amazon Prime Day gets underway.

It comes after Advice Direct Scotland said fraudsters are increasingly using “new tactics” to target households.

The advice service says people should remain cautious of fake deals presented through phishing emails and texts on Amazon Prime Day which runs from tomorrow until Wednesday.

Providing top tips for staying safe while shopping online and avoiding being scammed, Advice Direct Scotland encourages people to: 

  • Before buying, research the online retailer to ensure that it is legitimate and read their returns policy to make sure that you understand your rights.
  • Use a credit card, if possible, as it may be easier to get your money back if something goes wrong.
  • Be savvy - if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Lyndsay McFee, team lead at Consumer Advice Scotland, said: “People all over Scotland will be looking forward to getting some bargains when Amazon Prime Day launches, but like any other online event, they must take care.

“It’s important for shoppers to check who they are buying from and ensure that their purchases are safe, providing value for money.

“Fraudsters are always on the lookout for opportunities to deceive you.

“It’s common for many of us to feel the urge to buy something right away when we spot a discount.

“However, in situations where bargains are time-limited or there are only a few items left, shoppers may forget to pay attention to the usual warning signs, ultimately getting caught out.

“The key advice for consumers is to be savvy, slow down, and check before you buy. Make sure you’re on the real Amazon website also, as there may be links that take you to a site that looks similar to Amazon but isn’t the real thing.

“Consumers who are worried or need help can contact one of our specialist’s advisers for free, impartial, and practical advice.

“Anyone who is caught out by a scam or spots a suspected scam should report it by using our free scamwatch tool."