AN alert for a Great White Shark was received by residents in a Scottish town when it was meant for residents in New Zealand.

Sightseeing tour company Shark Experience sent an email to anyone who had set up a Google alert for "Sharks in Fortrose" with the intention it would go to residents of Fortrose in New Zealand.

However, people in Fortrose, Scotland were instead encouraged to take to the beaches in search of a tag that had been shed from a Great White.

The company also shared an appeal on Facebook, encouraging locals to take part in a “treasure hunt with a difference”.

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A labrador named Quasi eventually found the mussel-shaped tag on dry rocks around cliffs in the Catlins area of South Island, New Zealand, on December 5.

Shark Experience published a statement which read: “A big thank you to everyone who has helped with the hunt for the Shark Tag at Fortrose.

“Quasi the lab and his fabulous owner Kelsi found the right bit of seaweed at the right time – the tag is on its way to the science guys now.

“Massive thank you to Kelsi and Quasi the lab who located the precious wee package.”