FURTHER to my letter to the Reporter of (21/10/10) about the National Park’s planning permission for pontoon moorings on the River Leven at Balloch, it is worth adding that the competent authorities were not alone in their failure to support the River Leven.

The National Park’s Planning department consulted, and received no response, from British Waterways (Glasgow) and The Friends of Loch Lomond. It also consulted Balloch and Haldane Community Council and the Loch Lomond Association, who expressed no concern about the adverse impact on the River Leven’s national heritage.

Likewise, in its supporting statement, written on behalf of the applicants, Scottish Enterprise and the boat clubs Ironside Farrar, it consulted others including “angling clubs”. They experessed no concern about the impact on the River Leven.

The common denominator amongst every single one of those involved in granting this application is that they represent the loch interests and support the loch interests.

No one, except yours truly and a number of my contacts, are prepared to stand up for the River Leven.

Why are these people so unresponsive and silent on the state of the River Leven?

Because they are only in it to feather their own vest.

They are a bad example and an embarrassment to the community.

James Graham, The Clyde District Anglers Rights Campaign I AM absolutely appalled at the blatant attack on the vulnerable people in this area by the SNP council.

Its latest round of unfair cuts and charges will slash nearly £2m from essential care services in this area.

Last November, SNP councillors introduced a whole raft of new service charges and increased existing charges.

They then passed a budget of more cuts in January.

This resulted in some pensioners and disabled people paying up to £40 a week extra for their services.

Now the SNP has agreed an emergency budget this month which cuts even more services and will generate over £400,000 in new charges from the elderly and disabled.

This is an attack on the most vulnerable in our society.

We all know that times are tough and local authorities across Scotland have to take a serious look at their finances, but there are better ways to balance the books.

The SNP should not be doing the Conservatives’ job for them.

It should be standing up to the coalition Government and protecting lifeline services in this area. Unfortunately, this SNP council has shown time and again that it does not stand up for our interests.

James Conroy, Bonhill