WITH reference to your article on plans to erect a phone mast in Bellsmyre (1/2/11), I feel Dumbarton North Community Council (DNCC) is to be commended for acting on behalf of the people of Bellsmyre.

Sadly the same cannot be said for West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC), as it seems to be prepared to disregard the genuine concerns of the very people who elected them to protect their interests.

In its response, the council refers to a ICNIRP certificate and states 'where such a certificate has been provided, government guidance make clear that health concerns are not a material planning consideration'.

This does nothing to appease the Bellsmyre residents, and fails to address the very real concerns that these people have about the health and safety aspects of installing these masts.

Their concerns are well founded, and rightly so, because all the evidence to date on these masts has been inconclusive, with some communities stating categorically that masts have had detrimental affect in their health in the community.

It's all very well for Vodafone to say that its mast installations are safe, but that old adage applies, 'he who pays the piper calls the line', the big firms don't pay these so called experts to bring them a negative report, they expect a favourable report in support of their product, which they can use to alleviate public opposition. I don't know what financial benefit the council hopes to gain, but that should not be a consideration,.

Its only concern should be the health and safety, and above all listening to the wishes of the Bellsmyre community.

Mr M Docherty Alexandria