Silverton and Overtoun Community Council would like to thank all the residents in our area who have displayed the 'No Cold Calling' stickers with which they were recently supplied.

We have been working with Strathclyde Police, Trading Standards, and West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) on this initiative as our area was identified as a hotspot, where there were more incidents of bogus workmen calling than in any other area of the town.

As your local community council, we urge you to join in this campaign by displaying your sticker if you have not already done so.

We realise that some people may not wish to display the sticker, as they may feel it advertises their vulnerability.

However, if we ALL display them it would help make our area safer for everyone.

If you have lost your sticker, you may obtain a replacement from Silverton Post Office, or the Trading Standards department at WDC's HQ on Garshake Road, Dumbarton.

Please help us make our area safer by displaying your sticker and deterring unwanted cold callers or bogus workmen.

Wilma Skinner, chairwoman Rose Harvie, secretary Silverton and Overtoun Community Council Petrol pump prices I INVITE your readers to guess which MSP refused to support the following motion in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday?

Fuel Duty: "That the Parliament notes that petrol and diesel prices in Scotland are among the highest in Europe and have reached record levels.

"That the planned rise in fuel duty by the UK Government in April 2011 could increase prices by a further 4p per litre and recognises that such increases impose an additional burden on households and businesses at a time of rising living costs and could undermine the economic recovery.

"Notes the UK Government's proposal to introduce a 5p-per-litre fuel discount scheme for island communities, and calls on the UK Government to cancel the rise in fuel duty planned for April and implement a fuel duty regulator that would ensure that some of the additional revenue that the UK Government will receive from increased revenues due to recent increases in oil prices is used to reduce fuel duty to help support Scottish households and businesses." The answer is Jackie Baillie MSP .

Unlike the rest of us she's obviously not feeling the pinch at the pumps!

Graeme McCormick Arden Election amnesia?

I WRITE regarding the letter from Graeme McCormick attacking Jackie Baillie for her photo outside the Vale of Leven Hospital (Reporter, 1/3/11).

Mr McCormick, a former SNP candidate for both the General and Scottish Parliamentary elections, seems to have developed a mild form of amnesia regarding the Vale of Leven Hospital and may do well to remember his own promises before attacking others.

When Mr McCormick stood against Jackie Baillie in the 2007 Scottish Parliament elections, I remember his promise that if any services were removed from the Vale of Leven Hospital under an SNP Government then he would not stand as a candidate again.

With the reduction in beds, ward closures and staff cuts at the Vale since the SNP came to power, perhaps it is best that Mr McCormick is not standing at the upcoming elections.

And perhaps he has forgotten the transfer of emergency services in December 2010 - a mere three months ago - which will see thousands of people from this area having to travel to the RAH in Paisley rather than receive a service at the Vale.

Mr McCormick would do well to remember his own words in the future.

At least Jackie Baillie fights for services to be delivered at the Vale.

Peter McFarlane Address supplied