I WRITE about the curriculum changes proposed in West Dunbartonshire. This change is being forced through by Terry Lannigan, director of education, who appears to have the four headmasters in this area act as puppets while he pulls the strings.

Could I say to Mr Lannigan and his puppets that I do not know if the existing scheme is better or worse than that the new proposed scheme.

However, could I remind him that we live a in a democracy where people can make up their mind on which path to follow.

Because we do not agree with Mr Lannigan and his buddies, it does not mean that we are wrong or misinformed, but that we have the right to our own opinion.

Please do not dictate to us in such a bullying and patronising way. You know what they say: "Those who can do and those who can't teach."

Give us peace Terry, you were appointed to carry out the wishes of the electorate and not to dictate to us.

George Muir Dumbarton