WE feel the need to reply to Billy Myers' letter in your paper. I believe he is scaremongering parents and children.

Our head teacher has consulted with us for over a year with what the authority were proposing to do with Curriculum for Excellence. Not our fault that theirs hasn't.

Broad General Education through S1 to S3, this is when children get a sample of all courses, this allows them to then pick which ones they would like to take in their senior phase.

This is when pupils will complete Nationals and Highers. Pupils at Dumbarton Academy could potentially do six subjects in S4, S5 and S6.

This allows our children to cover their course work and develop skills for life. In total they can achieve up to 18 qualifications in the three sessions if they so wish.

OLSP has pushed to do eight subjects in S4, then five in the next two years.

They will have no spare time to cover anything else.

He then states that no other authority is doing a one size fits all, well I have to tell him to check his facts because I know there are and at least three others in close proximity to our own authority who are implementing common models.

He then says that the other schools are ganging up on them, well who is it that asked for a joint meeting with all secondary parent councils then cancelled when in his own words "won his fight." If he was doing this for the right reasons for the children why didn't he then have the meeting and share why eight was best.

They have never attended West Dunbartonshire's Parents Strategy Group, where they could take part in helping to guide our children's education.

So please keep your scare mongering to your own school and don't try to drag others into your situation because you are not happy.

Dumbarton Academy Parent Council