IT'S not often that reading your paper fills me with fury however, that was surpassed when I read about councillor Michelle Stewart and her council tax debacle. Despite the council tax taking a good chunk of my monthly wages I diligently ensure that it's paid, at the expense of non-essentials and luxuries.

This can't be said about Councillor Stewart. As your paper pointed out, she has built up council tax debts.

She brazenly plasters over Twitter the treats she's awarding herself.

This is absolutely intolerable and is an affront to all those who voted Labour.

The local Labour Party appear to be in denial.

She is supposed to represent her community but can only display poor leadership and judgement. She remains as Convenor of Education - if my daughter told me she was using Councillor Stewart as a role model, she'd be on a six month grounding.

Despite her being a deplorable role model, despite her publicly mocking Labour voters, Councillor Martin Rooney refuses to sack her.

Is that what the people of West Dunbartonshire should expect from the leader of the council?

Margaret Devlin