I write with disbelief on the story with regards to West Dunbartonshire Council's plans to change its logo.

Some dimwit within the council believes "the step is necessary to better reflect the council's work and to make it more distinctive". This dimwit also states "this would be cost free". Come on folks, who is kidding who? Every building (schools, libraries, offices, leisure centres etc), every street sign, every vehicle, every piece of headed paper, every policy and document, every piece of equipment etc etc - AT NO COST?. This is only a few of many hundreds more that would have to be changed. Are our councillors so stupid to believe such drivel? I hope not. I believe the people of West Dunbartonshire are quite happy with the current logo and would not want our councillors to rubber stamp such an unnecessary change. Why do I feel I have the right to believe what others think? Because I did not consult the people of West Dunbartonshire just the same as this dimwit did not.

Doreen Birkett Address supplied