This column is to highlight the fact that this administration intends to spend nearly half a million pounds to re-vamp the canteen space at Garshake.

Half a million pounds to create 59 new work stations and 15 touchdown points there will also be meeting rooms, a staff "break out area" we will have to watch for Big X and the Cooler King, shades of The Great Escape.

There will also be four quiet booths, that will probably exclude me, for confidential phone calls and short meeting facilities.

Now call me cynical 'cos I am, but this prompts the question; did the small number of people who responded to the question should we remove the care home subsidy know that a sum - which is more than the �360,000 saving - would be spent on a revamp of nearly half a million pounds on a building which is nearing the end of its shelf life?

It will remove the last hope of our long suffering staff that people like my friend Jim Bollan and myself could convince the administration that vending machines in the lobby are not a suitable replacement for a staff canteen, and that proper canteen facilities should be restored?

Half a million spent which brings no new hooses, no new schools, and no new care homes. I cannot speak for those who agreed to remove the care home subsidy as they are on an entirely separate wave length from me as I am vehemently opposed to means testing in any shape or form.

Let's develop the argument for this appalling insensitive measure introduced by this administration.

If you have more than �15,000 pounds in the bank should you pay to have your wheelie bin emptied, of course not it is a preposterous notion, but then so are lots of the initiatives from this maladministration "Posties Park" say no more, nudge nudge, but I will.

In the immortal words of Bamber Gascoigne "that wis yer starter fur ten" to develop my theme if you have �25,000 pounds in the bank, should you pay to have your children or grandchildren educated, another preposterous notion.

Perhaps we should consider introducing additional charges for anyone who owns their own home and wishes to have their road swept, litter picked or have the roadside drains emptied.

This administration is of the mind-set that anyone who has more than one and eleven pence in the bank or in assets is fair game.

They obviously have no moral or ethical scruples about means testing pensioners and they subscribe to the Tory tenets of greed and avarice. Where will it end?