LAST week we ran a story the decision by McGill's Buses to scrap the one-hour 204X route running from Balloch to Glasgow via Bonhill, Bellsmyre, Clydebank and Scotstoun from August. We asked you what you thought about the decision which comes just six months after the service was first introduced. Here's what you had to say: TAMMII DUNN: Why would you axe the only bus that goes to Glasgow via Bonhill? It's silly, that bus makes things so much easier.

JACKIE SWAN: Hopefully it won't be taken off, a brilliant wee express service. If the company would re consider then I'm sure the passengers would be more than willing to pay a little extra for the convenience of the MCGILLS 204X bus service. COME ON PEOPLE SUPPORT YOUR WEE MCGILLS 204X EXPRESS BUS!!!

SYLVIA STUDDART: Need to put an inspector at Clydebank to inform passengers that it is a faster service to Dumbarton/Bonhill than the First Bus 1A as I use this service as well so please keep the 204X bus in service.

ANDY LOVERIDGE: Best bus around, a lot of people use it, so why take it off? I use it every day and it's always busy.

DEMI GARDNER: This bus takes me to college in 40 mins, I rely on this bus everyday.

TRACY KEILLER: Do not axe this service, brilliant bus service.

STEPHANIE BLACK: It's so handy would be a shame for it to be axed!