Congratulations to the pupils of Jamestown Primary for highlighting the problem of litter along the banks of the River Leven, and for doing something about it, by getting their story in the Reporter and writing an excellent letter to the paper.

I regularly walk and run along the Leven, and often pick up bottles, cans, and plastic bags.

What also appals me is the fact that there is not one single litter bin on the cycle track between Balloch and the Jamestown Bridge, again between the bridge and Dumbarton, and again between Dumbarton and Bowling.

More bins will not stop people who are determined to drop litter, but they would provide facilities for those walkers and cyclists who are more responsbile and who would use the bins, if provided.

Please, West Dunbartonshire Council, how can you expect people to use litter bins, if the bins are not there?

Rose Harvie Dumbarton