IN last week's paper, we ran a story on the latest police figures which show violent crime in Dumbarton has fallen when compared with this time last year. We asked how this compared with your experience and whether it made you feel safer living in the town. Here's what you had to say: BILLY NIMMO: I am not a great believer in statistics, I think they are made up to make the public think that something is being done. It is my opinion, that if this comparison is correct, then it's because victims don't report it as they know that nothing will get done. I still don't feel safe in the town, even in in broad daylight.

LAUREN MCGALL: How do we know exactly how accurate this is? For a start I would like to know how many violent crimes were actually reported compared to other years.

That would then give me a true reflection on this statement.

Also, its not just violent crime which makes people feel unsafe within their communities - anti social behaviour and other levels of crime contribute to a general feeling of how safe the community feels. Maybe you could publish these statistics also?

LOUISE BULLAS: Depends, have less people been caught or have less people committed crime??

DONNA MACKAY: Maybe whoever took the "figures" should take a look at where I have to live as police are here every week for something. In fact they're in my close just now. Sad thing is I'm not lying either.

CRISTIANO SABIU: Are you sure they have not simply reclassified what counts as 'serious assault'? These things sometimes happen. I remember something similar when ASBOS were introduced. Worth checking to see if there has been a change in the criteria.


IN last week's paper, we ran a story on booze adverts at music and sport events and whether or not they should be banned. We asked what you thought. Here's what you had to say: GILL PENDLETON: If it's good enough for cigarettes, it's good enough for alcohol. 70 per cent of emergency service call outs are alcohol related. It's a dangerous drug but socially acceptable.

EDWARD MATHESON: I agree with them too many adverts will encourage more younger ones to drink which I think is not acceptable especially when there is a lot of binge drinking by youngsters at present, a lot of people say it's the parents fault to let them drink but it's the irresponsible people buying it for them!!