IN last week's paper, we ran a story about the growing use of payday loan websites in Dumbarton and the Vale. We asked you what you thought about the sites and whether they should be banned. Here's what you had to say: IAN KEMP: They should be stopped! They cause nothing but more debt and misery for some people! Get rid of them once and for all.

MARGARET REID: Yes and they should take away the lease on the shops in our high streets.

LORNA KELENFOLDI: Definitely, been a victim of payday loans and they pray on you, not to mention high interest you have to pay back and end up in a terrible state and have to keep re loaning.

BRENDEN CONNOLLY: All they do is prey on the weakest, most vulnerable people in society. They should absolutely be outlawed. Provident and shopacheck are not much better, I know people on benefits with 6k outstanding with provi, that's not responsible lending. Payday loans are worse though, but at least they don't knock your door every week looking for cash!

DAVID SHAW: Yes, ban them - legalised loan sharks, that prey on the vulnerable.

PAMELA SCOTT: Get them loan sharks out of town they cause nothing but misery and more debt!!

------------------ THIS week's Tweet of the Week is of the witty variety and comes from Scott Docherty in response to our appeal for information in connection with lead theft in Dumbarton: Are the police looking for leads leading to lead thieves?