GORDON Brewer who always looks mildly amused by himself was - as they say - "pmsl" on the Newsnight Scotland programme which went out on Thursday. There were also some interesting questions raised, e.g. How did David McBride prevent the "leader" from appearing on national television? It is a well known fact that he (the "leader") has photographic constipation and canny pass a camera.

But as usual I digress so let us to the point go.

Against a backdrop of the quay a smiling David McBride told us of the beauty of the area and the millions spent in making the quay an attractive green place for Dumbartonians and visitors alike.

He almost certainly does not understand the ironical fact that there was not one single person in the background, the foreground or anywhere else for that matter.

The question must also be asked why this is, and the answer is that you cannot even P. On the Quay, as a previous labour administration which the leader was a proud member of, closed the public lavatory and gave us the dreaded automated public inconvenience.

The film then moved to a shot of the Artizan Centre from the High Street looking north to the Post Office which is no longer there, as far as the eye could see were, TO LET signs and boarded up or shuttered shop fronts, the only thing missing was a windblown tumble weed - as it had all the appearance of a Wild West Dunbartonshire ghost town.

Despite the claims of our Labour representatives in Parliament, the Scottish Parliament and in council, Labour is not working except for its own politicos, and has not been working or indeed fit for purpose for many years.

Like ostriches they will have to remove their head's from the sand if they do not want to be run over by traffic which by passes Dumbarton whenever it can.

The next shot was even worse showing a still in smiling David in Egypt, actually he was outside Glencairn House, but was in deep "De Nile" as he spoke against a background of a barren people less High Street, populated only by two people going into Greggs, one of whom may have been ex-Labour leader Iain Gray as he did not emerge again.

David extolled the fact that the retail park was not "out of town "but was "side by side with the town". It is so contiguous that the hundreds of shoppers who use the St James's Retail Park were cloaked in invisibility, shades of Harry Potter .

He was ill advised to take part in this programme which could have been a trailer for Carbuncle of the Year award. He should have taken advice from our press officers who I am sure would not have exposed us to the public ridicule that this is bound to generate. He should have looked more searchingly at the poison chalice which it looks as if the "leader" passed on.

And most tellingly should have checked his script for spin, and removed it from the presentation before committing himself to a 15 year programme of "improvement Don't "tell it to the marines" tell it to the pensioners who are being means tested by your awful administration