IN last week's Reporter we revealed the council had approved funding for body cameras on police in Dumbarton and the Vale. We asked you what you thought of the �21,000 plans. Here's what you had to say: JAMES HAMILTON - MCKILLOP: Total rubbish now I know why rents are going up by eight per cent each year till 2017 DAVID ERRINGTON: Waste of money.

CHRIS MCCAUGHEY: Wonder if there'll be a live feed back to HQ, where the superiors can watch them going through red lights and parking on zig zags when they go for dinner in the newton.

DANNY ODONNELL: Think the research shows it increases early pleas stopping cops and witnesses going to court. Freeing up officers, reducing pressure on court services and may reduce legal aid budget, 21k sounds a good price.

ANN NICOLSON: So long as the council are paying I don't really care - the police have no money to spend on this!!!