THIS week we asked you what your thoughts were on Channel 4 broadcasting a real life murder trial in its documentary - The Murder Trial and whether you thought cameras should be allowed into our courtrooms on a more regular basis. Here's what you had to say: CYNICAL SKEPTIK: If the cameras focus on the proceedings only.

BILLY NIMMO: No. Jury members should not be recognised, neither should suspects or witnesses.

MARINA GRAY: I think it is a good thing and would like to see more - as long as it never gets like American courts and turns into a 'media circus'.

BRENDEN CONNOLLY: Well, the media are allowed to report on trials so allowing tv access is just another step. It allows people to get the full facts of a particular case without relying only on the version we are told in the papers. I don't think any member of the jury should be seen on camera.

LINDSEY CUTHBERTSON: No, because the witnesses and victims go through enough without cameras being in the court room! It's wrong! It's real life not a tv programme!

IAN MCCLEAN: No, nothing wrong with courts as they are. If it's not broke don't fix it. And I agree with other comments re jurors and witnesses being recognised.

GILL PENDLETON: Some judges may not be so lenient, there's plenty wrong with our so called justice system.