THE extinction of the capercaillie on Loch Lomond shows that the National Park has been the kiss of death to nature conservation in this area.

Contrary to the aims of those who campaigned for a National Park, this "National Park" has turned the natural heritage interest into a marketable commodity to suit the economic imperatives of the tourist trade.

Tens of millions of pounds have been spent promoting the tourism industry.

That was not their job. They were supposed to conserve and enhance the natural heritage interest, exclusively.

But of course, flawed legislation introduced by New Labour provided for economic exploitation and diluted the original aims of those who campaigned for a proper National Park in the first place.

This failed National Park has sought to "balance" two irreconcilable and conflicting interests in order to have their cake and eat it - human interference and the natural order.

As a rule when man comes into contact with nature, nature loses out, unless steps are taken to avoid excessive and unsustainable human interference with the natural order.

This "National Park" has broadcast to the world and promoted Loch Lomond as a tourist attraction.

They have sought to maximise human interference at the expense of the natural order - "nature conservation" has been used as a veil of deception to hide their true economic motives and imperatives.

James Graham address supplied