James Cormack is apparently unaware of the recent report by the Health Ombudsman into the death of a 90-year-old man in the Vale of Leven Hospital.

The report concludes that the man died of dehydration.

This is a failure of the worst possible sort and compares with the most extreme examples reported from South of the Border.

Part of the problem is that nursing staff are now over-educated and consider themselves above the need to provide basic care for their patients.

From first hand observation, I know that the problem is not restricted to the Vale alone.

Patients and their families are in a vulnerable position, since any attempt to deal with the problem could affect the treatment they depend on from the very nursing staff at fault.

Recent cuts in the level of nursing staff at the Vale of Leven Hospital must contribute to the problem despite the reassurances from the Greater Glasgow Health Board that all is well.

Clearly, it is not.

John Black address supplied