LAST week, an NHS report was released that said Scots are still drinking too much, despite a fall in the amount of alcohol sold per person. We asked you what you thought about the report, here's what you had to say: BILLY NIMMO: You only have to go into any of the two main supermarkets in Dumbarton to see what is happening, more and more people are drinking at home as the pub is way too expensive. You can get a good drink from the supermarket for a fraction of the price in the pub, therefore people drink more because it costs less.

PAUL STEWART: The government still think that alcohol causes problems. No, it's the government that are causing people to drink themselves into social meltdown. If they lifted this austerity plan then people wouldn't be giving up and turning to drink. Give people a reason to get up in the morning that doesn't involve pouring your life into a glass.

GAVIN MCVICAR: It's up to the person if they want to drink and smoke.

BRENDEN CONNOLLY: Get the government up to live in the Vale or Dumbarton for a few months, and see how quickly they start drinking too much!

CAROLINE SWEENEY: Times are hard ..if people need a drink to forget their misery be it...the alcohol recommendations are very low in my opinion and if you're not hitting the bottle every day and not causing any harm well who are we to preach.....Yeah I'm sure a lot do over indulge but I'm sure the ones that only drink at weekends are in that opinion poll of having too much anyway as well... you can't win.