On the one side are the usual suspects like Rose Harvie, George Black and Jimmy Cormack who have their own political views and on the other the Labour-controlled council which has its own narrow political views.

In the middle are the ordinary folk of Dumbarton who just want a new school which is badly needed.

On both sides, there is intransigence, inflexibility and lack of alternative solutions.

I, myself, do not want the school at Posties Park as it will waste one of the few attractive parts of this town.

However if not at Posties then at an alternative must be found e.g the old Dumbarton Academy now used as a primary school could be demolished and the new OLSP sited there.

The primary school could be rebuilt at the Academy playing fields beside the new bowling club.

There would still be room for Dumbarton Accies to play. Indeed they could share a new facility with the new primary school.

Sadly the council has dug in its heels and no amount of common sense will move it.

For many years Dumbarton has been plagued by talentless and incompetent councillors from all political parties.

Indeed our MPs and MSPs over the past few years have been useless in serving the needs of the people of West Dunbartonshire.

I don’t know how the controversy over the new school will end but when one looks at the numpties in charge there’s no doubt that it will end in tears.

George Muir Address supplied