DAVID HULL: And how’s that going to stop people buying cheaper online?

DENISE MCKENZIE LALLY: The old parts I would keep, it’s the newer buildings that are an eye sore at the shopping centre. How about a covered shopping area would that be too much to ask?

Be better knocking it all down and putting most of the shops in the outlets at the new doctors surgery.

BRENDEN CONNOLLY: It’s about time some money was spent in the Vale. When people suggest knocking it all down do they forget thousands of people actually live in the town, and use the shops every day? It was becoming an eyesore, so it’s good to see the work, as well as the main street resurfacing, which is looking great.

KELLY J WHITLEY: We’re all going to get wet standing at the ATM.

JULIE CORDINGLEY: The canopies are already down on the first part of Mitchell Way.