In August of that year one Elvis Aaron Presley was All Shook Up, Lonnie Donnegan was catching the Last train for San Fernando. And Neil Sedaka was singing I am such a fool (Oh Carol ).

That pretty much sums up,the state that the “ leader” was in last week First of all he endows me with clairvoyant powers by calling upon me to publish a letter that he sent to the chief executive, but did not copy to me.

Perhaps he thinks that Auld George can make things up as he goes because that appears to be what Martin is doing.

Let me state once and for all I am a fairly accomplished person, with many talents but clairvoyancey is not one of them.

If I had the gift I would seek a weekly column in all the daily papers, let alone the locals, and like Bonny Anne in the tales of Para Handy I would tell fortunes for a tanner (tenner) due to inflation.

Martin is an embarrassment to this authority, last week he succeeded again in alienating the public gallery at the special Education Committee meeting by stating “we don’t care where we build the new OLSP”.

He was then forced to apologise for his remarks.

He has obviously never learned from 2012 when the first ill fated news broke regarding a new build OLSP, when members of his administration rushed into print during the summer recess that year, with the news that the new build would be in the town centre (Hirams or Posties Park) This week he is quoted in a press release saying that the UK government is set to announce a £1.13 bn City Deal for the Greater Glasgow region h.

His lack of skills in geography possibly do not alert him to the fact that we are not part of Greater Glasgow. Time to go Martin.

The nominated West Dunbartonshire project that he supports in the City Deal proposal is to regenerate the 81 acre former Exxon site near Bowling along the River Clyde.

This £27.9 million investment would decontaminate the derelict land, make it ready for development and include a new section of the A82 to allow heavy traffic to bypass Milton.

We all know that this land is not being decontaminated it is having bio remediation (a cheap option from one of the richest companies in the world).

He continues to support the dreadful message “earn a living as a foster carer.” We all agree that we need to recruit more foster carers but this message is crass it is flawed and sends out completely the wrong message.

This is a soundbite that should never have been sanctioned.

Martin is the only man that I know who can still walk with both feet planted firmly in his mouth.

This is a fairly remarkable feat but he really should confine himself to one activity at a time as it would appear that multi-tasking confuses him The last politician to be assessed in thus way was Ronald Regan of whom it was said “he can’t walk and chew chewing gum at the same time.”