The SNP Growth Commission’s ideas about an independent Scotland leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully, independence isn’t simply what the SNP say it is, and the need for an independent Scotland has never been stronger.

Rather than offer a true break with the broken and self-defeating politics of austerity cuts supported by the Tories in Westminster, the Growth Commission have chosen instead to tinker around the edges.

Their proposals would massively restrict spending on public services in Scotland, for the sake of vague, abstract economic goals. The report is obsessed with ‘GDP growth’ and restrictions on public spending to hit debt targets set by no-one other than the report’s authors.

Traditional economists may pretend GDP can indicate the wellbeing of the country, but in reality they bear little resemblance to people’s lives. The UK has actually seen living standards fall despite GDP growth.

To make matters worse, the SNP’s Growth Commission proposes a ‘fiscal framework’ that restricts spending increases to below GDP growth. That would see spending on essential services like schools and hospitals shackled and would undermine our ability to tackle poverty.

The Scottish Greens have been clear about what investment our economy and society actually needs. Our ‘Jobs in Scotland’s New Economy’ report sets out Scotland’s massive potential for renewable energy and other sustainable sectors. This could create over 200,000 jobs, which would be largely well-paid and secure.

We also need to promote real collective decision making, where workers are actively involved in running companies and can ensure that their interests are promoted. The government must also be free to ensure public spending supports redistribution of wealth and tackling poverty.

The foundations of Scotland’s economy must be inclusion and investment in real industries, not chasing abstract measures of GDP and state debt, which mean almost nothing to your life or mine.