I HOPE everyone has been enjoying the fantastic sunny weather we have had so far this summer. 

On one of the hottest days late in June I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the joint trade unions’ demonstration and rally against the unnecessary cuts being imposed on our communities by the SNP councillors. 

It was very encouraging to join so many people who are determined and committed to protecting the valuable services we deserve and require.

Readers will be aware that the new SNP council administration was elected into office last May full of promises to be open and transparent, and pledges to listen to you, the residents of West Dunbartonshire

Sadly these promises have been dumped for the reality of cuts to services, ignoring the views of residents, and verbally attacking anyone who stands up against them including staff, trade unions, voluntary groups and even amateur dramatics groups.

While we have seen eventually a succession of U-turns from the SNP council, as they have succumbed to the reality that the community will not stand idly by and watch them decimate the services, we still do have unnecessary cuts: to Greenspace, cemetery maintenance, voluntary groups and reductions to educational maintenance grants. 

All this is championed by a council leader who is so lax at his job he has only bothered to attend 36 per cent of the health board meetings he is paid to represent our interests at within the NHS.

It’s not as if we have no worries with the health board as they continue to threaten basic and everyday services provided at the Vale with more and more centralisation in Paisley. 

The most recent example is the threat to remove breast screening services in the Vale to the RAH in Paisley, bizarrely supported by WDC’s only health board rep, council leader Jonathan McColl.

So can we ask what the council leader has achieved in looking after our interests on the health board – other than him pocketing 100 per cent of his £8,169 health board payment for 36 per cent of attendance, on top of his £33,857 WDC salary.

Local residents concerned about losing local breast services deserve to know.