The amazing summer weather made this year’s Highland Games a great day out, with good competition on the field.

The games were packed and there was something for everyone to enjoy. Many thanks must go to the organisers and sponsors, including the council who make this event possible.

The European Swimming Champions have begun and it is an opportunity for Balloch to welcome competitors and visitors from across Europe. 

The best factor being the warmth of the water in the loch this summer everyone will enjoy that. This has meant many local people have been enjoying swimming, perhaps it would be good to encourage more use of this free swimming pool, with a properly cordoned-off area.

Although the council is currently enjoying a recess, fostering and adoption panels sit throughout the year.

The council does a superb job of taking great care of vulnerable children, the dedication of the teams and professionalism of the social workers is to be commended.

Sometimes working across county boundaries, placements are very carefully considered. It is a privilege to be part of making adoptive parents happy and giving children better life chances.

Close to the Lomond Ward boundary lies Kilmaronock Church. The church closed to regular worship in May 2017. Kilmaronock has been a place of worship since the time of St Kessog in the 6th century. 

A committee has been formed to look at what can be done with the building. A community buy-out is a possibility.

It has been a great summer for hay making, pleasing all farmers with livestock to feed. 

The wonderful weather has also meant some garden birds have had three clutches of chicks, a chance to boost populations.

Sir David Attenborough’s Big Butterfly Count is underway; butterflies are a very good indicator of the health of the environment, described as taking nature’s pulse. 

Last year 60,000 people took part across the UK. If you have 15 minutes to spare on a sunny day see how many you can spot.

As we come to the end of the summer holidays, we hope that all teachers and school pupils will have a good start to the new school year.