We have all had the benefit of the best summer months we’ve had in a long time and it didn’t rain when the schools stopped for the holidays. Now a bit of rain has arrived, it’s welcomed by gardeners and farmers.

Another plus is the grass will be tended to following the council’s decision to continue with grass cutting and planting floral displays in the park. 

Nice to see that in time for the Pipe Band Championships Levengrove Park has retained its colourful appearance with the replanting. Well done West Dunbartonshire Council for rescinding the decision.

I make no apology for again raising the condition under the bridge at Dumbarton East station. The pigeon mess is an ongoing issue and following comments on a local Facebook site, many people agree.

The pavements are being cleaned on a regular basis but as the mess builds up again after a couple of days, a permanent solution must be addressed.

Nice to see the new council offices complete and the workforce in place. The car park is certainly full each day so I would think the decrease in the original number of planned parking spaces planned wasn’t the best decision. Perhaps the tree area at the back entrance would have been put to better use for more parking spaces.

You may have noticed the frame of the new housing development at the quay is now in place and over the summer/autumn months we will see progress in the building work being carried out.

This is positive for the town centre which will increase with residents overlooking the River Leven once the development is complete, though looking at the river just now, it needs the Harbourmaster to have a look at it and decide what improvements should be made.

Continue to enjoy the summer – and don’t put the sun cream away as the good weather has not finished with us yet.