I hope everyone has managed to enjoy their summer and the great weather. 

There was minor disruption caused nearer the beginning of the summer while some road closures or traffic management was in place due to road works. 

I would say this was all worthwhile now that many roads have been completed. 

It was vital this work was carried out and I’m sure everyone is happy to see new road surfaces laid.

It has been great to see Dumbarton and the rest of West Dunbartonshire attract large number of visitors over the summer. 

It is important we remain a great area to visit and keep attracting people. 

There are numerous new developments constantly arising which are a needed to continue to attract new people and keep the area vibrant.

Over the past few months I have been watching the new social housing being built by Cube Housing which is now really taking shape. 

It is great to see these developments taking place, the more we can encourage the better. 

Although West Dunbartonshire has, in comparison to other councils a good supply of social housing, there is always a need for new and more modern housing to continually update, replace and so that there is a sufficient supply to ensure everyone has a home.

Now that we are back from summer recess I will begin my surgeries and I am looking forward to meeting with, and assisting anyone in whatever way I can. 

It is important that people highlight problems or issues to us so that we have the opportunity to assist, we may otherwise be unaware of the problem. 

My surgeries will be advertised on the council website, along with my contact details if anyone wishes to contact me at any other time.