For many of us, Saudi Arabia will embody the final frontier left in tourism.  However, the world’s most conservative country is set to woo tourists like never before.  Saudi Arabia offers stirring symbolism and rich attractions that tourists will no doubt love.  The cities of Medina and Mecca are rich in Prophetic significance for Muslims and the carved temples of Madain Saleh and the beautiful rock art at Jubbah are some of Saudi Arabia’s greatest Islamic treasures.


If you’re looking for more wonders to explore, you will be spoilt for choice in this desert Kingdom.  From echoes of Lawrence Arabia along the spectacular Hejaz Railway to the romantic red dunes, there really is something for every type of traveller.  Riyadh also showcases modern Saudi Arabia at its finest and is definitely worth a visit!


Exploring Saudi Arabia for the first time

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Tourists can now obtain a visa to visit Saudi Arabia without worrying about the strict requirements that were previously enforced.  These restrictions made travelling to this exceptional country nearly impossible.  A series of government-backed initiatives mean that holidaymakers can finally see the real Saudi Arabia.  The country is hoping to encourage 30 million holidaymakers to visit by 2030, so this is the perfect time to experience a new and diverse culture.


Travel Advice for Saudi Arabia

Anyone looking to explore the hidden wonders of Saudi Arabia require a visa to enter Saudi Arabia.  You will need to apply for this visa through agencies accredited to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.  It’s important to remember that if you overstay your visa you will receive a fine and immediately be deported.


You’re going to love exploring Riyadh

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If you’re unfamiliar with the Capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a sprawling modern city home to 6.5 million people.  This is the epicentre of finance within the country and has a lot to offer the curious traveller.


Where to stay in Riyadh?

One of the best areas to stay in Riyadh is the Olaya distroct.  This is situated in the heart of the city and offers a fantastic assortment of hotels and serviced apartments to pick and choose from. Fraser Suites Riyadh is a brand-new property that oozes elegance and sophistication.  This is the perfect place to stay for business executives in need of accommodation in Olaya.  Olaya is also the main shopping areas with a selection of modern and traditional shops lining the streets.  The Kingdom Centre and the Faisaliah Tower are also very close.


Top Reasons to Visit Riyadh in 2019

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  • Spectacular food - This city is home to a phenomenal selection of restaurants – from budget to fine dining, including a fantastic assortment of classic Saudi and Middle Eastern dishes to sample.
  • The Kingdom Centre - This skyscraper makes visiting Riyadh a must if you’re currently planning your Saudi Arabia adventure.  The skyscraper definitely merits a day’s visit and includes its very own shopping mall and the famous Skybridge on the 99th floor offers unforgettable views.
  • An unforgettable dune adventure - Get ready to explore the romantic desert landscape that surrounds the city by renting your very own ATV rental for our very own round of dune cruising. 
  • Experience world-class golf - You will find several world-class golf courses just outside of the city.  We definitely recommend playing at the Dirab Golf & Country Club if you’re a keen golfer.


Eating Your Way Through Riyadh

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This cosmopolitan city boasts spectacular hole-in-the-wall spots alongside Michelin-star restaurants.  You’ll also find international food chains and a number of startups.


If you’re looking for some great local cuisine options, we definitely recommend Bistro by Tao for brunch.  This is the perfect way to start a luxurious weekend.  The Oriental-chic look of this popular restaurant makes it one of the most Instagram-able spots in the city.  If you’re looking for a traditional breakfast, look no further than ricotta cheese pancakes served with delicious honeycomb butter. 


You should also plan a visit to the newly refurbished Al Bujairi district if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the heritage of Riyadh.  Visit this special site during golden hour to witness a truly unforgettable sunset.  After a busy day exploring the green spaces, alleyways and the souq, settle in for a traditional Nadjo dinner.  If you’re an adventurous eater you should definitely try the hashi (camel) or the classic lamb kabsa


If you’re planning a trip to Saudi Arabia this summer, you’ll be pleased to hear there are plenty of things to do in August.  What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to this mysterious desert kingdom today.



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