The essential gas works which have necessitated the road closure in Dumbarton East create reactions that one might expect.

But they have also stirred some examples of outrage which are way out of proportion to the inconvenience - after all, the works are for the safety of all of us.

As a resident who is directly affected, I totally get it.

The detour feels pretty lengthy, and if you’re in anything other than in good health, limitations placed by the withdrawal of bus services are more than just a minor irritation.

However, like the Beast from the East, the SGN works are something outwith our control, but have led neighbours to look out for those less able.

Offers to bring in shopping, or give lifts have been aplenty and although the roadworks are lasting a lot longer than the snow, I’m sure the kindness of neighbours isn’t melting away just yet.

It’s the small acts which are helping the big picture which leads me to acting local whilst also thinking global.

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The Dumbarton East area is becoming a thriving area for independent shops but if shop owners are not supported by you during this period they’re not going to survive.

Not only are there some great goods and services on offer but using these local businesses is better for your carbon footprint too. So, if you can, then try to take the time to shop local and encourage others to do the same.

Still on the roads topic, I was disappointed to see MSPs reject the move to make 20mph the default setting on local roads, as the lower speed greatly increases the chances of survival of pedestrians hit by a car.

I hope that decision making powers will come to local authorities so that we can act to improve road safety even more in our residential areas.

In the meantime we can all take steps to improve things.

Whether that is driving more slowly on local roads, not parking directly outside schools, or on double yellow lines in front of your place of work, you can have a positive effect.

I’d suggest actions speak louder than posts on social media.