Those who remember the dark Thatcher era must be wondering whether to laugh or cry.

Boris Johnson’s cabinet makes Thatcher’s team look cuddly. Are these people experienced and trained? Don’t be daft. Were they selected for their extremist viewpoints (not to mention their bulging bank accounts – offshore, naturally)? No.

What these 23 medievalists have been chosen for is their commitment to slash taxes and regulations for big companies. For us “oiks”? Fewer public services, a return to dangerous products in shops and no protections for workers. Lost your leg at work? Tough, they’ll say. Poisoned by your own shopping? Stupid you, they’ll scoff.

New Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab only twigged recently that Britain is surrounded by sea. Priti Patel suggested last year that the UK should use the threat of food shortages in Ireland to negotiate a better Brexit deal.

The new environment secretary is fracking super-fan Theresa Villiers, and the Scottish secretary gig goes to Alister Jack (nope – me neither), an MP with a whopping two years’ experience in politics, and a personal fortune of £20million (who happens to host splendid hunting/shooting weekends for ministers).

The new PM was chosen by just over 0.1 per cent of the UK population; fewer than 9,000 Scots had a vote.

Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson took no time in proving how little influence she has in Westminster. After backing Javid, flipping to Gove, then flopping to Hunt, she scrambled to look pleased about Johnson’s selection. She begged him to allow David Mundell to stay on as Scottish secretary of state – Johnson sacked him the next day. Let’s list the benefits he won for the people of Scotland in his time. Umm…

The Tories are now promising that Johnson will either “do or die” on Brexit. There’s even talk of November 1 becoming “UK Independence Day”, a holiday Scotland will have to celebrate despite it meaning ordinary folk will be £2,300 worse off. Those in charge burned £50 notes in front of homeless people and trashed restaurants for fun. Now they will trash us for profit, putting us at the mercy of Donald Trump – a man who puts children in cages.

Boris Johnson may turn out to be the worst UK Prime Minister yet. However, with Scotland being disregarded while its future is railroaded by his group of extremists, he is increasingly likely to be its last.