I HOPE everyone is enjoying their summer.

As much as it is usually a quieter period in politics as recess takes place, this year has proved somewhat different.

The Conservative and Unionist Party has selected a new leader who has subsequently become the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson made one of his first priorities to visit Scotland (pictured right with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon), with trips to HMNB Clyde, Glasgow and Edinburgh. He announced additional growth funding for Scotland and additional funding for the NHS to the tune of £180million.

Whilst he may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is no doubt that he made a success whilst he was Mayor of London.

It is only fair that he is given the chance to prove his worth. People must remember, however much the SNP seem to forget, that he is not in control of our council budgets, our NHS, our education, our police or other emergency services - the SNP Government are.

So while they like to pass the blame for these failing services to Westminster, or anyone they can attempt to land blame on, ultimate responsibility lies with the SNP Government.

We have seen in the past couple weeks the SNP Government trying to ‘sell’ Scottish industries back to the EU in order to strike a deal to continue their one issue agenda of independence. Scotland will gain full control over their industries, which currently other EU countries are allowed free access to, and the SNP want to give them straight back.

The SNP should focus on funding councils properly to allow us to provide vital public services, and begin running the country they claim to love, rather than creating division and passing blame. Membership of the EU costs money, a huge amount of valuable Scottish industry, which in turn means less employment, less tax generated for our country and therefore less to spend on public services.

Why should we be surprised the SNP think that’s a positive way forward when we have just seen the massive shortfall in the tax budgets, that the UK Government has had to plug the hole for to the tune of £737million.

I wish our new prime minister well and that he continues to prove the strength Scotland has within the United Kingdom.