By Councillor Jonathan McColl, leader of West Dunbartonshire Council

WEST Dunbartonshire Council employees who are working to deliver vital services have been praised for their efforts in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Council leader Jonathan McColl has thanked staff who have been going “above and beyond” to maintain frontline services during the pandemic.

Cllr McColl said: “Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we have employees who are going above and beyond in really difficult circumstances to deliver services during this emergency.

“They, along with their colleagues in the public, private and voluntary sectors, are leaving their children and their families to provide the services we rely on.

“I am in awe of what each and every one of them is doing on a daily basis and I want them to know how much we all appreciate it.

“We have had to prioritise essential services such as social care, bereavement services and waste collections.

“The efforts of those on the frontline, backed by those in vital support functions and bolstered by the hundreds of employees who have stepped up to volunteer are ensuring our services can be maintained.

“Our employees are not immune to this virus. They, too, have been affected, and our numbers are diminished, yet they are ensuring that services continue through sheer hard work, dedication and commitment.”

The council leader went on to ask everyone to look out for the employees and treat them with respect.

In recent weeks, a number of council facilities have temporarily closed in light of government guidance.

And a number of services have been adjusted to ensure they can be sustained with fewer staff.

Councillor McColl added: “I know the impact and disruption all of these measures are having on our residents and I really appreciate their understanding.

“Our strong sense of community has never been so evident or essential and the efforts of our community groups and their small army of volunteers are simply incredible.

“We can all play our part and help to protect our communities by staying at home and only going out if it is essential to do so. By continuing to work together, we will keep people safe and minimise the impact on our communities.”