We are coming up to 1,000 days since the devastating fire which destroyed Cameron House in December 2017.

That was a very sad day for our community and one which I still remember vividly.

Since then the Cameron House has managed to begin to rebuild, recover and move on.

Many of the staff remember vividly and emotionally what happened, while others are still suffering the traumatic results of that day – none more so than Jane Midgley.

Jane is the mum of Simon Midgley who, along with his partner Richard, lost his life in the fire.

Jane has spoken openly about how just the day before the fire she had a beautiful phone call with Simon who told her of his excitement at spending the festive period with her and the rest of their family.

Just 24 hours later, Jane’s world was turned upside down, and she has been fighting for answers of what happened on that frightful morning ever since.

To date, Jane has sent multiple letters to the Crown Office, the Lord Advocate, the First Minister and has even bravely made a plea for answers on the BBC’s Reporting Scotland news programme.

Despite the police and fire service having submitted their reports to the Crown Office detailing their findings almost a year ago, the Crown Office has been largely silent, and neither Jane nor her family have any sense of closure.

I have raised this directly with Nicola Sturgeon, asking her to ensure that justice is served for Simon and Richard.

I asked her to get an update from the Crown Office and to then sit down with Jane, and I am grateful that she has agreed to do this.

This case cannot be allowed to be brushed under the carpet and forgotten about.

The cause of the fire must be investigated fully without any further delay.

Jane’s heartfelt plea, as a mother, is to seek justice for her son.

She has been unable to begin any form of grieving process in private because so many questions have been left unanswered.

I urge the Lord Advocate and the Crown Office to work as quickly as possible and tell both Jane and our whole community what happened at Cameron House that terrible day.

As we approach 1,000 days since that tragedy, people really do deserve answers.