Many local customers of TSB will be unhappy to learn the news that the bank’s branches in Alexandria and Helensburgh will be closing permanently in the new year.

For so many people and businesses, branches are still hugely important. I understand and accept footfall has decreased over a number of years as more people bank online, and fewer people use cash.

But there are still a huge number of people who don’t have access to online banking and rely on the availability of these branches. Since Lloyds and TSB split, the number of branches has about halved throughout the country.

We are continuing to pressure the SNP Government to scrap their plans for the Hate Crime Bill, which is very damaging for freedom of speech and could criminalise many people, including comedians, unnecessarily.

Although the SNP have agreed to revise it, that doesn’t go far enough. They need to bin it like they did with the Named Persons Act.

Many professions have advised the Government to scrap it: they really need to listen and stop wasting time on another failed proposed bill.

It has been an interesting time recently with the presence of bottlenose whales on the Clyde and up the Gareloch. There were loads of visitors to the lochside from West Dunbartonshire residents to attempt to spot them while they were here.

It is only right that attempts were made to move the animals on for their own wellbeing – but it is also only right that those attempts were stopped before they caused the animals greater stress.

Besides the loch not being deep enough, the Joint Warrior exercise taking place on the loch would distress the animals. With about 50 naval vessels and 75 aircraft taking part, Joint Warrior is the largest military exercise in Europe.

For people interested in military movements, it can be interesting to spot various ships from NATO and other allied countries. It began on Sunday, and ends on October 15.

While all of us remain under strict rules to protect our and our loved ones’ health, it was disappointing to learn about SNP MP Margaret Ferrier travelling on public transport after testing positive.

She had even attended the House of Commons after being tested. Hopefully she hadn’t come into close contact with anyone else.