The council will no doubt work hard to make sure that West Dunbartonshire is supported financially for the cost of dealing with the pandemic, although the money made available to Holyrood must filter out to councils.

Councils are being asked by Holyrood to use their reserves, and extend borrowing, to make ends meet - a tough thing to demand when when Holyrood does not prioritise those delivering important services.

The council continues to adapt as restrictions come and go.

The UK Government’s walk-in testing centre in Old Kilpatrick is now fully functional, averaging 44 tests a day in the first week.

This compliments the test site at Church Street, Dumbarton, which currently averages 147 tests every other day.

The council has spent time and money on improvements in Balloch.

Certainly Balloch Road is much smoother but the jury is still out on the raised table.

The works on Lomond Bridge are expected to be finished in May 2021 bringing huge relief to the village of Balloch.

Plans for the tidying-up of the station surroundings and tourist information centre are being worked on and local residents will be consulted.

This should go hand-in-hand with the Scottish Enterprise, National Park and Flamingo Land development ideas, which are sure to be brewing.

This week, another meeting to advance plans for a Nature Hub in Balloch Park has taken


Two charities, the Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust and Countryside Learning Scotland, met the secretary of Balloch and Haldane CC, the client business partner for the council’s regeneration team and myself to look at the possibilities that Balloch Park provides.

Of course they are endless. The park is looking amazing and very busy.

David Attenborough’s new film “A Life on Our Planet” is fascinating and reinforces the fragility of our planet and the importance of protecting our bio-diversity.

We are so lucky to live surrounded by beautiful countryside and we must think carefully of how we can play our part in looking after it so future generations can also reap the benefits that nature gives us.

There is good news:

Cameron House should be opening up again in the spring and they will be looking to employ 450 people.

The council is working with the hotel’s HR team to make sure that as many of West Dunbartonshire’s youngsters can thrive on this opportunity.