Strange times continue for all of us. I’m sure everyone is fed up to the back teeth hearing about statistics, struggling health and care services, folk sadly dying, and confusing, conflicting and often contradictory advice.

Possibly the easiest thing to remember is don’t mix with others unnecessarily - we’ve all got phones and most folk have the means to communicate virtually.

And only go out if absolutely essential - and continue to help elderly and vulnerable relatives, friends and neighbours with shopping, prescriptions etc.

The community council continues to operate in this virtual world, and the last meeting, on October 13, included the following topics…

The former Esso/Exxon site at Bowling (pictured left) has now been passed to West Dunbartonshire Council, along with £1million which will go towards insurance. Exxon have agreed to cover the cost of decontamination at the site.

Also, historic buildings on the site, including Dunglass Castle, will be protected. The construction of the proposed new road through the site should provide up to 600 jobs and make a big difference to the current traffic bottle-neck.

The plight of residents in a building in the High Street which requires major repairs, estimated at about £500,000, was discussed. The councillors were asked if there was any scope for help from the council as some owners say they don’t have the funds. There was no resolution to this issue for now.

The walkway between the Quay and the castle was discussed. A new play area is being constructed at the town end, and some of the disabled car parking spaces have had to be re-located.

Dumbarton East station’s pigeons saga reared its ugly head again. New netting has been installed by Pest Solutions, but apparently within a couple of days, some pigeons got in, got trapped and sadly died.

The final item discussed was something which came up in the council’s list of planning applications.

The council has applied to erect freestanding advertising billboards at various roundabouts in Clydebank, Old Kilpatrick and Dumbarton.

After lengthy discussion it was decided to object to this application on the grounds of road safety, as we felt it would be a distraction to drivers when they should be concentrating on the road.

Finally, our AGM is taking place this week and as ever, we’re looking for local people to get involved in the community council. Come on - you know you want to...