Having been such an unusual year and restrictions placed on us all, it has actually passed relatively quickly.

We got out of lockdown and managed to enjoy a bit of summer with social distancing in place, giving a much needed boost to local businesses and the economy.

Now we find ourselves locked down once again. We are told these restrictions will only continue for a few weeks; that was what we were initially told back in March, when the first national lockdown was imposed, and it lasted three months.

Businesses, workers and people on Universal Credit all received unprecedented financial support from the UK Government to help them through this period. How long can this continue though?

West Dunbartonshire Council had relatively recently opened their new offices next to the high street to encourage all the local authority’s staff to spend money in the centre of the town.

I feel so sorry for the businesses that had recently opened in Dumbarton, and for the more established businesses that are now being told to close again.

For residents of West Dunbartonshire, who are now living under Level 4 restrictions until December 11, we now can’t leave the area except under special circumstances.

The rules the SNP government are imposing upon us now are potentially in breach of human rights - the rights that they claim to support.

How can this be policed? Will they have police on the border with Argyll and Bute, where Level 2 limits are in place, for instance? Will the police be checking everyone’s address and their reason for travel, then criminalising them if they don’t have a valid reason?

This really is one stage too far and it appears unenforceable, against human rights and not within the competence of the Scottish Parliament in relation to the Scotland Act and freedom of movement.

West Dunbartonshire attracts people from surrounding council areas for shopping, eating, garages etc - all of which brings money to our area and supports local jobs.

This ruling to ban travel is going to endanger those jobs we need so much.

The SNP government has not thought this through in relation to people’s lives and their livelihoods.

It’s a good job the UK Government extended the furlough payments until next year, it may be the saving grace for businesses and workers.